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​Suggestions on Canceling or Booking a Tour to China During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Last updated on 2020-05-24

We understand that those who have booked a tour to China or plan to travel to the country in the coming months are closely watching the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and may be hesitant about whether to cancel or continue to book a tour. As a prominent travel agency that has been in the China travel industry for over 10 years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in handling unexpected situations. Below, we offer travelers some suggestions based on the most recent (on May 24, 2020) information regarding this outbreak.

Is it safe to travel to China as a tourist at present? If not, when will it be?

Since mid March, China has been reporting zero or several new community spread cases of COVID-19 and some imported infections everyday. So, it appears that the epidemic is declining in the country. Unfortunately, we have now been witnessing a fast-growing number of infections outside China, with many countries announcing lockdown measures. In conclusion, now is not a good time to visit other countries, including China. We sincerely hope all countries take the necessary precautions so together we can all defeat this pandemic.

Should I cancel my tour in the coming months?

Normally, we guarantee all of our clients a full refund if they cancel their tour 14 or more days before their tour start date. During the coronavirus outbreak, however, we are offering all of our clients a full refund independently of when they decide to cancel. This way, we allow our clients to calmly observe the situation, follow the most recent updates, and make a well-pondered decision on whether to continue or cancel their tour with us.

If you still want to visit China in the future — and we sincerely hope you do! —, you can choose to reschedule your tour to either a fixed or open date. By doing this, you make sure you can still enjoy your current tour price. This is usually advantageous to travelers since tour prices tend to increase due to inflation.

Should I go on and book a tour to China?

If you plan to book a tour in 2020, we suggest that you hold your decision until the situation is more clear. If you are planning to travel to China in 2021 or later, we believe it is ok to go ahead and book a tour since it's unlikely the epidemic will last that long. Keep in mind that, as we mentioned above, we will give you a full refund if later you don't feel it's safe to travel.

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